Not sure what type of tire you need?

Below is a brief overview of the different applications:

All-Season Tires

These tires typically feature independent tread blocks and multiple sipes positioned around the tire to combine good on-road (including gravel and dirt roads) poise with foul-weather traction. They are branded with the M+S symbol and capable of providing all-season versatility, including traction in light snow.

Performance Tires

Dedicated summer tires will improve the performance and aesthetics of your vehicle. Performance tires are designed for handling and stability, which can result in a stiffer tire. This may affect the comfort of your ride. The tread is also wider to provide more contact with the road and better dry traction. The special compound used enhances performance but may not provide the same tread wear as all season tires.

Winter Tires

Winter tires use special compounds to improve your traction, stopping and handling whenever the thermometer dips below 7°C/45°F. Although all weather tires are good in many conditions, they don't provide the same grip and control that winter tires can in cold or snowy weather.

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